EP 20: Carey Smolensky - Living Life Passionately

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 20: <!--break-->Carey Smolensky -<!--break--> Living Life Passionately</span>

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EP. 020 | “A lot of the times you need to do what you need to do before you can choose to do what you want to do.”

Today’s podcast guest is Carey Smolensky, author of Living Life with PASSION and Helping Others.

Carey is a dynamic businessman, event producer, and multi-faceted entertainer who’s been in the business since high school and I’m super pumped to interview him to learn more about his drives, his passions, and his perspective on life.

Carey is an incredible human with a huge appetite for life. Never settling with a commitment to constantly evolve everything in his life, Carey’s hunger and passion rubs off on you.

A big part of my growth was learning how to say no.

In this episode Carey shares how event production became his thing. We also talk at length about his upcoming Passion Summit and the impact Carey is hoping to make with this powerful 2-day event (there’s even a $350 discount for Stay Grounded listeners).

So if you’re looking for a lift and some insights and ideas that will help you find your passion and live a fuller life, I’m confident you’ll discover plenty in this podcast episode for you.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
I really believe that life is way too short. You never regret the things you tried. Whether you succeed or fail you never regret, but you do regret the things you havent tried.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How it all started. Carey’s background and how he came to help people live passionately. (2:31)
  • How have you been able to create multiple brands in the way that you have, which have lasted? (8:31)
  • You have a dedication to evolving. How do you nurture that on a daily basis for personal, self, and business? (11:27)
  • How do you create your own personal brand? How do you find the things that make you tick so that it can show up in every part of your life. (14:00)
  • How do you keep yourself accountable to the standard you set for yourself? (16:16)
  • What are some of your daily non-negotiables that you do for yourself to keep yourself positive and living passionately? (21:03)
  • Tell me more about the Passion Summit and what will be covered? (25:03)
  • Why do you think it’s important to learn from people from all walks of life when you’re trying to become your best self? (28:35)
  • What role does gratitude play in your daily life? (34:46)
  • What advice do you have for people who struggle to be appreciative and grateful when things are falling apart. (37:47)
  • How do you deal with self judgement so you can bring yourself back to a state of gratitude? (42:45)
  • How do you stay grounded every day? (44:16)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Carey’s high school hustle transformed into a one-stop shop for social and corporate events that’s still in operation today. (2:55)
  • The story of how Carey’s book came about - and the accountability trick he used to make sure it got written. (6:43)
  • Carey’s perspective on failure and how it’s a force that can help you succeed. (8:05)
  • What happened when Carey began to focus on the clients that appreciate his services. (10:03)
  • Why Carey doesn’t want to live with regret - and how he lives to ensure that doesn’t happen. (11:51)
  • The moment Carey realized what he was really chasing after in life. (14:45)
  • How Carey deals with his huge to-do list and the attitude he takes towards it. (16:30)
  • Why friendship is important in business. (18:00)
  • Why saying NO can be more helpful to others than saying YES - and the email trick that can cut the pressure on you. (19:52)
  • How Carey is planning to create a global community of passionate people. (27:38)
  • Carey’s Front Row Foundation and the ocean story that moves and motivates him to keep giving.
  • How to use the five-minute rule to transform your mindset so you can cope with negativity and challenges. (38:52)
  • Why multitasking is not a shortcut and how it can cut engagement with others. (45:28)