EP 26: Sammy Taggett AKA ShoeBox Moses - The Boy Who Was Thrown Away

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 26: <!--break-->Sammy Taggett  AKA ShoeBox Moses -<!--break--> The Boy Who Was Thrown Away </span>

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EP. 026 | “Music saved my life. All kids could use a really beautiful, simple form of expression to get that part of them developed and let the soul express through a medium thats creative.”

SB Moses was found in a shoebox in a dumpster in the Philippines.

Thrown away as a baby, SB Moses didn’t get a birth family, but he did learn to create a future for himself.

He thanks music for saving his life and as a professional party instigator, SB Moses amplified the vibe for the likes of Virgin Galactic, Google, and Cirque Du Soleil.

I was lucky to meet Sammy at an entrepreneur event back in 2017 and we kicked it off instantly. (He’s one of my favorite people in the whole world!)

Sammy is such a beautiful, humble soul who’s turned a background that’s unimaginable for most of us into a force for good that’s transforming the lives of orphans in the Philippines.

And in this episode, we dive deep into Sammy’s story and discover how his showbox history became a symbol of hope that’s profoundly empowering others.

Youve gotta be so loud about your dreams and you gotta be so intentional about what you sets your sights to do. It never happens the way you think, but it will absolutely present itself.

In this episode, Sammy shares how he made his musical dreams come true. He also dives into the detail of why he’s so passionate about empowering orphan kids with creative technology

This episode is proof of the power of a mission and the value you can get from understanding your origin - so you can create meaning and clarity for the way you shape your life.

Sammy shows us that even when there seems to be no hope, the world can still be a beautiful and magical place.

So brew yourself a coffee and settle down to hear more about Sammy - aka Shoebox Moses. Not only will this episode warm your heart, but it will also inspire you to love and live with a whole new sense of appreciation.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
The thing that Ive learned the most about music, creation, and the origin story of myself is that your dreams and the bridging of those dont just help you, they help so many people who get inspired by the actions that you take.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did the name Shoebox Moses come about? (1:33)
  • How has the meaning of your name to yourself evolved over time? (6:10)
  • Tell me about the mission you have for your business. (7:27)
  • How do you think creativity and music could help kids be more prepared for life? (10:24)
  • How did music change your life and in what ways has it impacted you? (15:18)
  • What did you do everyday to keep yourself focused as you were moving towards this big mission? (24:35)
  • Do you catch yourself talking to yourself and if so, what does that dialogue look like? (30:35)
  • How do you cultivate gratitude when things are going really bad? (33:02)
  • Tell me more about your charity and the work you’re doing with the foundlings. (38:14)
  • How do you stay grounded on a daily basis? (44:07)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Sammy’s shocking beginning and how unpacking his origin story helped him find his identity, stay on mission, and become a more evolved performer. (2:58)
  • The power of a name and an identity in allowing you to amplify your impact and make a bigger difference. (5:35)
  • The unbelievable connection that Sammy and his partner discovered they had in common. (8:11)
  • How Sammy is using technology and creative tools to give orphan kids a significant leg up. (9:15)
  • Music as a creative journey and the different ways it can help with expression and learning. (10:50)
  • The stats that help drive Sammy and why he’s excited about what he might find. (13:03)
  • The inspiring story of Sammy’s Red Rox main stage dream and how he made it happen. (16:58)
  • Vision boards, visualizing outcomes, and harnessing your RAS - why these matter and how they pull opportunities towards you. (25:16)
  • Why voicing dreams is so important for kids - and how Sammy wants to help. (27:37)
  • The role gratitude has played in recent years and how it fuels positive self talk and pulls you into a beautiful space. (32:16)
  • The one tactical thing Sammy recommends to start your day on the right foot - even if it’s a bad one. (32:27)
  • How Sammy uses activate appreciation to pick up his day and pin down the best next thing. (33:44)
  • The reason Sammy’s charitable mission has evolved to empower people who want to adopt. (38:23)