EP 25: Karen Briscoe - 5 Minute Success

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 25: <!--break-->Karen Briscoe -<!--break--> 5 Minute Success </span>

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EP. 025 | “I had this epiphany… The only thing stopping me from doing it was me.”

Can you really achieve success in just 5 minutes?

This episode’s guest believes so. If success is the result of habits practiced consistently, commit to the right actions for 5 minutes a day and you can see massive results.

Karen Briscoe honed these skills in her hugely successful real estate business, but it was an epiphany moment that inspired her to consolidate her practices into a formula that other people could follow.

After having the idea to write a book, Karen realized she needed to adopt new rituals to help her push through the doubt, fear, and questioning that can hold us back from doing the things we love.

So she grabbed the opportunity one October day when the clocks went back to get up an hour earlier - and she did this every day to give herself the time to write.

I think people sometimes think its the big things that are what makes life meaningful, but many times its the daily rituals and relationships where true meaning comes from.

This episode is chock-full of practical ideas and strategies that will help you leverage habits to achieve the things you want.

We also talk about the role of inspiration and why you must act fast - before the opportunity is passed to someone else.

This conversation was so helpful and enriching. They say that success leaves clues and Karen leaves so many on this episode. So if you’ve been struggling to get things to work in your life, take a listen to Karen. Everyone can do something for five minutes a day that will propel them forward, right?

And in this episode, you’ll get clarity on the steps you could take to achieve your own 5 minute success.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
If youre reaching for what your highest and best potential is that is an ongoing striving I dont think theres an arriving. The striving is part of the thriving.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell us your story and how it led to 5 Minute Success (0.38)
  • What is the one thing you recommend people do every day and why do you suggest that people attach this to their existing rituals. (6:30)
  • When you were deciding to write your book, what were some of the things you did to get the rocket ship off the ground and push through the limiting beliefs? (10:25)
  • You talked about how you used accountability to help you get started. What else did you do to keep you going in the early days - when you were questioning your plans and feeling the doubts? (15:12)
  • You’d already been successful in real estate. Why did you feel that you needed a different mindset to be successful as an author? (18:50)
  • When you have a stroke of genius, how do you use the fear in a constructive way so you can challenge the doubting thoughts and still move forward? (28:17)
  • What are some things you do every day to practice the muscle of action despite fear? (31:27)
  • Is happiness in your daily routines? (33:00)
  • In the midst of everything, how do you stay grounded on a daily basis? (40:28)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The Better Than Before epiphany that inspired Karen to get up an hour earlier and the impact this decision had on her life. (2:39)
  • How time was a factor that caused the 5 Minute Success to came about. (3:39)
  • What is habit stacking and why it’s a useful strategy to adopt? (7:05)
  • Karen’s Core Concepts and how they create the sweet spot of success. (8:35)
  • Habit formation. What happens during the first 22 days of a new priority and how this differs from day 23 onwards. (12:56)
  • The benefits of tracking, what you can track, and how this strategy helped Karen write her book. (16:19)
  • Jerry Seinfeld's wall calendar hack that can help you create a chain that you don’t break. (17:38)
  • Why Karen wanted to expand and move beyond real estate and how this related to giving back. (19:30)
  • The epiphany that Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Big Magic had on making Karen write her book NOW - and not put it off for later. (23:50)
  • What inspired Raj to start The Stay Grounded podcast. (25:28)
  • The role of muscle memory and how it helps push your comfort zone further. (26:44)
  • Why you should act fast when you get a shot of inspiration. (27:25)
  • Why you should use fear as excitement (and how this links back to habits). (29:00)
  • Why Karen recommends you start your day with Hal Elrod’s SAVERS. (31:32)
  • How Karen defines happiness. (33:15)
  • The role of gratitude and why it’s a practice that should bookend your day. (34:39)