EP 21: Frost Fassett - 365 Days. 365 Communities. 365 Conversations.

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 21: <!--break-->Frost Fassett -<!--break--> 365 Days. 365 Communities. 365 Conversations. </span>

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EP. 021 | “If you want to live a full life, you’ve got to throw your routine out the window sometimes and just be willing to take a ride on what the universe has to offer you.”

This episode’s guest uses Facebook for a very different reason than most.

Instead of getting lost in the timeline, Frost Fassett scrolled through the 100 plus events in his local area to pinpoint ONE to attend.

Then he did this EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year.

That’s 365 events in 365 different communities so he could have ONE profound conversation and learn something new every single day in 2017.

His DICE (Daily Inspiring Community Events) Project took him across America and overseas and gave him a unique insight into people and communities from all walks of life.

It’s totally fascinating and something we discuss at length in this episode.

Community events are the social fabric of America. If we can have more community events we can have more real world, face to face conversation with people shaking hands, then that is what is going to truly impact our nation. That is what is going to evolve our democracy.

Frost believes that while we’re more connected than ever, we’re more isolated and alone than ever.

What’s more, the information silos we live in is leading to more polarisation as people don’t get to interact with perspectives and ideas that don’t align with their own beliefs.

He wanted to push back against this trend and get stuck into real-life conversations with real people doing good in their communities.

This experienced shaped and influenced Frost and he reveals all in this fascinating interview.

So whether you’re curious as to how one man can pack so much in or you’re interested to explore a simple idea that could inject more adventure, curiosity, and connection into your life, this episode is for you.

Because as Frost discovered, there is a superpower in community connections and when you have that sense of belonging somewhere, something beautiful and new can open up for your life.

Over to Frost...

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
Life is not static. We have a past and we have a future. Life its a work in progress. Where Ive got to go has got to be a constant reevaluation of where Im at right now.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell us about your incredible 2017. (3:47)
  • How was it travelling 90 minutes to get to a different location to get to an event? (12:35)
  • A lot of people aren’t putting in the work to find fulfilment and to be happy. What do you have to say about that? (13:40)
  • What are some of the biggest things that you learned during the year? What are some of the positives? What are you taking with you and what are you leaving behind? (20:33)
  • From a year of meeting so many people, how has that changed you as a person. How has that changed how you interact with others and build relationships? (26:42)
  • How did you find the middle ground so you could make connections when going to different communities and meeting different people? (31:07)
  • I believe there are fundamental things that humans can connect on, regardless of who we are. How did universal principles factor into your conversations to help you find common ground? (33:21)
  • What mindset did you take to these events? For example, did you rely on any rituals to foster a sense of positivity? (38:32)
  • Where did the best conversations come from? (45:16)
  • How do you stay grounded everyday? (50:37)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The 10k near-death experience in 2014 that jolted Frost and forced him to reassess what he wanted to do for his life and the impact he wanted to make. (4:08)
  • How Frost emerged with a new community mantra for life - and how it was influenced by polarized events. (5:02)
  • How conversations can change the world and the framework that can make that a reality. (7:39)
  • The community party event attended by 700 people that kicked off Frost’s mission with a ton of media coverage. (7:52)
  • How a book idea and his first event triggered Frost’s decision to proactively live his mantra daily through DICE (9:20)
  • What is DICE and how it defined a year of Frost’s life. (9:40)
  • The Facebook ‘thing’ Frost believes he is onto. (11:22)
  • The thought process that morphed DICE from a one-off decision to an annual project. (15:01)
  • The two motivations that kept Frost going for an entire year. (15:47)
  • The most uncomfortable conversation Frost had during his DICE project that turned into an inspiring, profound experience. (22:53)
  • The importance of finding common ground when meeting new people to create space for conversation and rapport. (35:35)
  • Why Frost poured his heart out in a bowling alley to secure his project. (39:47)
  • Frost’s passion for bigger businesses to get engaged with community events. (44:20)
  • Frost’s path in the universe and why he believes we all have one. (46:23)