Krups Coffee Grinder vs JavaPresse: Battle Of The Grinders

Written by: Raj Jana

Krups Coffee Grinder vs JavaPresse: Battle Of The Grinders

Everyone can recognize the scent of fresh coffee. Every single Folgers commercial relies on this fact! Those sweet chocolatey, nutty, and fruity aromas waft through the air, guiding us to our liquid cup of gold every morning as we roll out of bed half asleep.

But this only happens with freshly ground coffee. Sorry, Folgers, but pre-ground coffee smells boring and stale or worse, like nothing!

If you want to truly be entranced by the tantalizing scent of freshly ground coffee, you need to buy whole bean coffee from your local coffee roaster and grind it right before brewing. 

Of course, you’ll need the right coffee grinder to do so. And, if you go shopping at any home goods or kitchen supply store, you’ll notice Krups has a lineup of coffee grinders.

We’re going to stop you right there. Krups coffee grinders will ultimately disappoint the coffee drinker who longs for flavorful, aromatic coffee every single morning.

Instead, opt for a JavaPresse manual burr grinder for consistent, quality, and most importantly, fresh coffee grounds to start your day.

We’ll show you why the JavaPresse coffee grinder outperforms every Krups grinder on the market, along with:

  • How to choose the right coffee grinder based on 9 critical factors
  • If the Krups or JavaPresse grinder is right for your coffee preferences
  • A quick and easy way to get a 100% FREE coffee grinder

9 Critical Factors to Consider When Deciding Between a Krups or JavaPresse Coffee Grinder

Just like Coke and Pepsi are NOT the same soda (No, Pepsi is not okay…), no two coffee grinders are the same.

Each coffee grinder has a different physical design, features, and operation. As a fan of brilliant tasting coffee, you know how important it is to select the right grinder for your home but might not know where to start.

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That’s what we’re here for!

When deciding between the Krups or JavaPresse coffee grinder—or any grinder for that matter—compare these nine categories before buying. 

1. Grinder Type

First and foremost, how the machine grinds whole coffee beans is an important factor.

Most commonly, a coffee grinder will either use a blade or a burr to grind coffee.

Blade grinders spin horizontally at the bottom of the grinder, decimating anything that comes in contact with it. This motion causes beans to hop around the grinder, creating an uneven grind size.

Burr grinders have two sturdy burrs that rotate in opposite directions, funneling the coffee beans down a hole where they are ground in a consistent size. 

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Krups offers both blade and burr grinders, with their blade grinder (albeit offering an inconsistent grind size) being the most popular and affordable of the two. The company’s burr grinders notoriously receive poor reviews, for reasons we’ll explain in a bit.

The JavaPresse grinder uses a ceramic burr to ensure your coffee is ground correctly and consistently every time. You don’t have to worry about blades causing a popcorn effect when you choose the JavaPresse.

2. Grind Quality and Consistency

To produce a cup of coffee so tasty, sweet, and overflowing with flavor, you need your coffee grounds to all be the same size. 

A consistent grind size ensures that all the right flavors—and only the right flavors—are extracted from the beans into your cup. 

Certain low-grade grinders… cough, Krups… are unable to produce a repeatable grind size due to the manufacturing design, grinder type, or product materials.

Read the reviews for Krups blade and burr grinders and you’ll see how unsatisfied customers are with the grind quality and consistency. The JavaPresse grinder was purposefully built to provide coffee drinkers the perfect grind size every single time they grind.

3. Grind Settings

Just as no two coffee grinders are the same, the same concept applies to grind size!

Use the incorrect grind size on a specific brew method and you’ll wind up with sour, bitter, watery, or gritty coffee. None of which sound particularly pleasant to us.

With this in mind, coffee drinkers need to be able to make subtle adjustments to their grind size to get their coffee tasting perfectly. However, some coffee grinders only offer a handful of grind settings!

Krups blade grinders do not offer grind settings as there’s no way to regulate or measure this type of grind! And, many of their burr grinders only offer 9 grind settings. This makes perfecting a coffee recipe extremely difficult when you can’t adjust to the right grind size.

Even with its simplistic design, the ceramic burrs in a JavaPresse hand grinder let coffee drinkers grind coffee from fine to coarse with 18 different settings

  • Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a grinder that’s great for espresso, all three grinders may fall short. But, the JavaPresse does offer the closest grind size for super fine espresso.

4. Grinder Durability

Remember, your coffee grinder is the most important piece of coffee equipment you can invest in. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a grinder that’ll die in a few years. 

You want a coffee grinder you can trust to last for years on end.

The Krups blade grinder is a little powerhouse. Many customers say they’ve had their Krups blade grinder for many years. But are you okay with drinking mediocre coffee for that long?

And, the Krups burr grinder has an awful reputation for faulty parts, flimsy materials, and a short life span. Take a look at the reviews and you’ll find complaints about poor wiring, a grounds basket that doesn’t stay put, and so much more.

Compare these experiences with the thousands of positive reviews for the durable and simple JavaPresse grinder. It’s easy to see which grinder wins!

5. Manual vs. Electric Coffee Grinders

When choosing the right coffee grinder for your home, you’ll also have to select between a manual and an electric grinder.

Both options are excellent and come with their fair share of pros and cons.

A manual grinder is best for:

  • Coffee drinkers who want complete control over their coffee
  • Brewers who need a durable and portable grinder
  • Those who don’t want to break the bank for a mediocre coffee grinder

Disadvantages of a manual grinder include:

  • Physical work

Yep, that’s it!

On the other hand, electric grinders work great for:

  • Brewers making several cups of coffee at a time
  • Those who need to make coffee fast
  • Coffee drinkers who value an automated brewing process

 Electric grinders, like both options from Krups, unfortunately, have a few cons:

  • Require electricity to function
  • High-performance grinders = high price tag
  • If it breaks, you’re stuck without a coffee grinder!

Whether from a lack of electricity or a grinder malfunction, if you can’t get your coffee grinder to work properly… that means no coffee for you.

To avoid this horrifying situation ever happening in your home, opt for a manual JavaPresse grinder.

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6. Noise Level

Grinding coffee is loud, especially when you use a Krups blade grinder. Holy moly is that thing noisy!

For coffee brewers with roommates or young children, having a quiet coffee grinder is the key to fresh coffee without the chaos.

Many new electric burr grinders—nope, sorry. Not Krups!—have been designed to reduce overall noise, but still don’t compare to how quiet a manual grinder is. 

7. Portability 

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re stuck drinking the coffee our parents, friends, or grandparents have had in their cupboard for generations. No, thank you.

With a manual coffee grinder like the one available from JavaPresse, you can make coffee wherever you have access to hot water! From fireside cowboy coffee to pour overs in a hotel room, you can brew delicious specialty coffee whenever and wherever you want.

While the Krups blade grinder is far more portable than the burr grinder, it still requires access to electricity to operate and again, doesn’t grind coffee well! 

When it comes to portability, a JavaPresse manual coffee grinder is always the top travel coffee grinder.

8. Price

When deciding between Krups and JavaPresse coffee grinders, the cost will also be a major factor.

The Krups blade grinder retails for around $19.99, while the burr grinder costs $60.00+ depending on the model you purchase.

The JavaPresse coffee grinder is $36.99. But read on and you’ll find out how to get one for FREE.

And, since the JavaPresse grinder doesn’t rely on haphazardly manufactured electronics or wires, it’s design and quality are comparable to a $100 coffee grinder!

When evaluating cost, also keep the other factors like durability and grind consistency in mind. Sure, one coffee grinder may cost less, but it’ll also break in a few months and leave you dissatisfied with the results. 

9. Ease of Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the key to maintaining grind consistency and elongating your grinder’s lifespan.

However, the Krups blade and burr grinder designs make it super difficult to clean. And, cleaning a blade grinder can be dangerous if you’re not careful!

Cleaning a JavaPresse grinder is simple and doesn’t take much time at all. Find out how.

Krups Coffee Grinders vs JavaPresse: Which Grinder is Right for You?

After weighing all of those factors, you likely already know which grinder is right for your at-home coffee brewing preferences. But just to be sure, we’ll break it down for you.

Krups Coffee Grinders are Best For…

People who don’t care about drinking delicious coffee every day.

It’s true!

Investing in a coffee grinder designed with mediocre parts and inaccurate grind settings is like booking a first-class seat on a 30-minute commuter flight. Not worth your money!

If you drink coffee every once in a while, then Krups grinders will work well for your needs. But, if you care about how your coffee tastes and make coffee religiously, you’ll ultimately find the Krups blade and burr grinders to be disappointing. 

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is Best For...

Anyone who loves coffee!

Seriously, the simplistic design, unparalleled consistency, and affordable price make the JavaPresse coffee grinder a fantastic option for everyone. No matter if you make 8 cups a morning with a batch brewer or expertly brew a Hario V60 for fun, the JavaPresse coffee grinder will meet your needs.

How to Get the JavaPresse Coffee Grinder Completely FREE

Clearly, we believe in the quality, consistency, and design of our manual coffee grinder. So much so, that we’re giving it away for FREE when you try JavaPresse coffee.

(Did we mention it’s also the #1 rated coffee grinder on Amazon?)

We’re confident you’ll love not only the taste of our coffee but also the incredible power and functionality behind our manual coffee grinder.

Go ahead, get your free coffee grinder today.