Cuisinart Coffee Grinder vs JavaPresse: Battle Of The Grinders

Written by: Garrett Oden

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder vs JavaPresse: Battle Of The Grinders

If you’ve made the leap from old, pre-ground coffee to flavorful, fresh whole bean coffee, you’ll need to get a coffee grinder ASAP.

A grinder is the most important piece of coffee equipment a home barista can invest in. But with SO many grinders to choose from, coffee drinkers are left wondering which is the best choice?

You’ve likely seen Cuisinart coffee grinders on the shelves of your local grocery store and might think it’s a good grinder option.

Hold up! We’re going to stop you before you spend your hard-earned money on a disappointing coffee grinder.

Cuisinart coffee grinders fail in comparison to the consistency, quality, and affordability of a JavaPresse coffee grinder.

And, we’ll show you why along with:

  • 9 factors to consider when choosing a coffee grinder
  • How to tell if the Cuisinart or JavaPresse coffee grinder is right for you
  • How you can get a FREE coffee grinder (Yes, you read that right. FREE!)

9 Considerations When Choosing Between a Cuisinart and JavaPresse Coffee Grinder

While it may be frustrating, there’s a reason not all coffee grinders are created equal.

Similar to buying a car, every coffee grinder comes with its share of features, materials, and benefits. It’s up to you, the coffee enthusiast, to review the following factors and determine whether the Cuisinart coffee grinder or JavaPresse manual grinder is right for you.

1. Grind Quality and Consistency

First and foremost, always judge a coffee grinder based on its grind quality and consistency.

Certain low-quality grinders have been known to just “chop beans up”. To extract the flavors we want from whole bean coffee, we need an even grind size—every time. Otherwise, our coffees can end up tasting bitter, sour, or plain old boring.

The JavaPresse grinder was designed with quality and consistency in mind. With few parts and sturdy materials, the grinder can crank out the right, even size every time you grind.

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Cuisinart grinder customers often complain about the lack of consistency in the fine to medium grind size range, due to the clumpy, variable result.

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2. Grinder Type

When it comes to buying a coffee grinder, one of the most important factors to consider is how it grinds coffee beans. Burr and blade coffee grinders are the two most popular options. 

A burr grinder uses two burrs which twist in opposite directions to force coffee beans down a shoot where they are then ground into a consistent size. 

On the other hand, a blade grinder uses a long blade that spins horizontally at the bottom of a grinder. This mechanism chops up anything that comes in contact with it, creating a sort of “popcorn” effect and an inconsistent grind size in the process.

Unfortunately, many Cuisinart coffee grinders are blade grinders. The JavaPresse grinder uses a burr for a consistent grind and more even flavor extraction.

3. Grind Settings

Remember, one grind size does not fit all brew methods!

Using the perfect grind size for your brew method of choice is key. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a watery or a super sludgy cup of coffee—neither of which we want you to ever drink.

The JavaPresse hand grinder has 18 different settings, ranging from fine to coarse, allowing you to expertly dial in your cup, no matter the brew method. However, for home espresso pros, the JavaPresse’s fine settings are more suitable for Moka Pot-style espresso.

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Some Cuisinart coffee grinder models don’t even let you adjust the grind size! You’re stuck with one button or a strange “strong” setting instead of various grind sizes. And, the Cuisinart grinders that do have multiple settings make large leaps in grind size. This doesn’t give you the option of making small tweaks to your grind to get the coffee flavor just right

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4. Durability

No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a coffee grinder, only for it to be out of commission in a year! Choose a coffee grinder that can stand the test of time with a simple design and quality construction.

Pro Tip: Any grinder that relies heavily on cheap, plastic parts will fail you.

Reviews for Cuisinart coffee grinders often say that the machine went kaput after as little as six weeks. (Yikes.)

The JavaPresse grinder is a simple, durable machine that produces a consistent grind size for years on end. Take a look at the thousands of reviews from long-time customers and you’ll see just how durable this little grinder is!

5. Manual vs. Electric Grinder 

One of the biggest decisions to make is the choice between a manual and electric coffee grinder.

Manual coffee grinders—like the JavaPresse grinder—are perfect for:

  • Coffee drinkers who want to control every aspect of the brewing process
  • Those who want to brew coffee on-the-go
  • Brewers who want a quiet, durable grinder that’ll perform for years on end

Of course, the main downside of a manual coffee grinder is the physical work you have to put into it. 

On the flip side, electric grinders are great for:

  • Those who want their coffee brewing process to be automated and convenient
  • Coffee drinkers who brew more than one cup at a time

But, electric grinders can only operate when you have access to electricity! And, only the high-performance (aka, expensive) grinders can truly achieve a fine espresso grind.

Plus, many electric grinders such as a Cuisinart coffee grinder are cheaply made, leaving you without a grinder when it breaks!

6. Noise Level

This next bit is going to hit home for new parents…

Your baby is fast asleep and you finally have a moment to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee bursting with rich flavor. But, you switch on your electric coffee grinder, and boom. The baby’s awake and screaming bloody murder. You were so close.

If you live in a household where silence is key, a Cuisinart coffee grinder is not for you. No level of convenience outweighs those precious moments alone with your coffee cup.

Manual grinders allow you to grind enough coffee beans for your piping hot morning cup of Joe without waking up the rest of the family. The super quiet nature of the JavaPresse grinder is perfect for those who value silence.

quiet coffee grinder javapresse

7. Portability and Travel

We’ve all had the horrifying, life-altering experience of drinking gritty hotel coffee.

Whether you’re hotel hopping for work or camping out under the stars, you can brew specialty coffee anywhere these days—if you have a manual coffee grinder.

Sure, you could lug around a hefty electric Cuisinart coffee grinder, but good luck getting through airport security with that!

If you’re constantly on-the-go, the JavaPresse coffee grinder travels safely and easily for 

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8. Easy to Clean

Coffee grinder maintenance and cleaning are critical!

Cleaning manual grinders and electric grinders extend their lifespan and ensure a tasty brew every time. Opt for coffee grinders that can be cleaned easily without damaging parts or causing a headache.

Cuisinart coffee grinders are notorious for making a mess and being difficult to clean. Customer reviews rant about the coffee grounds chamber coming loose while grinding coffee beans, resulting in a messy situation. 

The JavaPresse grinder is super easy to clean and can be done without making a mess of your grinder or kitchen. Check it out.

9. Cost

Ultimately, your choice of coffee grinder will come down to cost.

But remember—you get what you pay for.

Cuisinart coffee grinders range from $30-$95, making them on the cheaper end of the spectrum. And, with flimsy parts, low-quality materials, and a small price tag, you can expect these grinders to only last for so long.

We highly recommend you opt for a grinder that is:

  • Consistent
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quiet

While the JavaPresse grinder retails for $39.99 (or FREE, if you keep reading…), the quality equates to that of a $100+ grinder due to the minimalist design, top-notch materials, and precise grind.

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder vs JavaPresse: Which Grinder is Right for You?

With all of those factors in mind, it’s time to choose between the Cuisinart coffee grinder and the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder.

We know which one we’d choose, but we’ll let you decide.

The Cuisinart Coffee Grinder is Best For… 

Those who don’t care about how their coffee tastes.

Yep, we said it!

Cuisinart coffee grinders tend to be cheaply made with flimsy parts that make grinding and cleaning a challenge. As a result, coffee drinkers only have a few grind settings to choose from. This leads to undesirable coffee flavors and a weak cup of coffee overall.

These grinders are good for people who want their coffee brewing process fully automated or rarely brew coffee in the first place.

Coffee fanatics and those diving into the world of specialty coffee will find that Cuisinart coffee grinders lack the features and equipment they need to dial in their grind size and recipe just right.

The JavaPresse Coffee Grinder is Best For…


Seriously, everyone.

From beginners to coffee connoisseurs, this grinder is ideal for everyone looking to brew delicious coffee bursting with flavor.

Those starting their specialty coffee journey will find that this grinder helps them understand the nuances between grind sizes. And, experienced home baristas note that the JavaPresse coffee grinder offers a wide range of grind sizes to help them perfectly dial in their latest selection of freshly roasted beans.

And as a manual grinder, brewers don’t need to mess with flimsy electronics and wires that get in the way. This grinder will last for years on end!

How to Get a Manual Coffee Grinder for FREE

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