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JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder
JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder
JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder
JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder
JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder
JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder

JavaPresse Signature Trio With Grinder

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Here's What's in the Signature Trio:

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

Create happier mornings with our JavaPresse patented burr grinder.

When you grind your own coffee by hand you are embarking on a journey that is almost spiritual in nature. You are able to slow down for that moment and just appreciate what you have to be grateful for.

The Signature Blend comes with the Manual Burr Grinder + three JavaPresse Coffee Blends:

Light Roast Blend

Extra Mile Blend - Citrus, Dark Chocolate, Juicy Body, Tropical Fruit Finish

Our original flagship coffee, Extra Mile, infuses energy into your day with rich chocolate, citrus, and tropical fruit tasting notes. Light, complex, and worth getting giddy about, it’s a coffee you’ll love made from coffees we love.

Medium Roast Blend

Happy Place Blend - Candied nuts, citrus, and smooth chocolate.

Ripe with a bold body & a stunning array of candied nuts, citrus, and chocolate flavors, Happy Place invites you to remember that your everyday coffee ritual can be so much more than just dark liquid in a mug.

Dark Roast Blend

Power Hour Blend - Dark chocolate, caramelized sugar, dark roast as it should be.

Featuring a caramelized sweetness, classic aromas, and a smooth chocolate flavor, Power Hour shows how careful discipline and craftsmanship can transform any mundane activity into a vibrant, rewarding moment that defies expectation.

Transform Your Favorite Coffee Ritual

Packed with three bags of specialty beans plus a manual grinder, it’s everything you need to create an extraordinary daily experience.


This is the manual coffee grinder to rule all manual grinders! Rated 5* by over 4,000 coffee lovers, this tool is engineered to extract maximum flavors from your beans.

Compact enough to take your coffee ritual anyway, and robust enough to use everyday, this grinder feels incredible to use. It’s your newfound secret to coffee so good, it could have been brewed by a barista!


We scour the world to find the very best specialty beans on the planet - and you get to try THREE of our top finds.

Option 1: Includes all our flagship blends - one light, one medium, and one dark roast.

Option 2: Includes a light roast, a medium roast, plus the Chief Brewer’s Pick of the Month.

Whatever you choose, we promise these beans will blow you away.


Here at JavaPresse, we know our beans. In fact, it’s an obsession! It’s why we’re here to give you all the content and information you need to transform your favorite coffee ritual into an extraordinary daily experience.

So unleash the happiness.

We’ll ensure you get coffee know-how direct to your inbox, so you can up your coffee game and turn your daily brew into fuel for a happier life.


Each week, we’ll be gifting 1 lucky person with the best picture and caption about how they use our products to #StayGrounded a JavaPresse Bundle - 1 of EVERY product we have!

Check out the pictures below for ideas, & use #StayGrounded or #JavaPresse to enter!

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