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Happy Place Medium Roast Blend

Happy Place Medium Roast Blend

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Smile, It’s Coffee

Ripe with a big, juicy body and a stunning array of tangy, fruity, and dark flavors, Happy Place invites you to remember that your everyday coffee ritual can be so much more than just dark liquid in a mug.

It’s about capturing the warmth you feel from hearing a heartwarming story. It’s about recreating the peace of a chill Sunday afternoon as the rain hits your window. It’s about the gratitude of tasting something so good you can’t help but thank the farmers behind it. Brew a cup, then stay here a while.

Ethiopia + Brazil

Inspired by the cooperative spirit of farmers across Brazil and Ethiopia, Happy Place is an offering that unites the flavors of two humble co-ops to create a blend you won’t soon forget.

But blending together the little things doesn’t just lead to great coffee—it’s a powerful way to find joy in each day. Embrace the collective virtue of life’s small pleasures, including your daily brew, and you’ll discover that your happy place is never more than a thoughtful moment away.

Medium Roast

Roasted to a medium level, this is our crowd pleaser blend. The deep flavors are well-pronounced, creating a smooth and sweet flavor base anyone can get behind. The brighter raspberry flavor and tang sings a song of whimsy and pizzazz your taste buds will dance to.


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