Christmas Subscriptions - 3 Bags - 2 weeks

- Free Shipping
Single Bag - $2.99 flat fee for shipping

Christmas Subscriptions

- 20% off discount

- Ships every 2 weeks (3 times/bags)

- Ends in 6 weeks (2 weeks --> 4 weeks --> 6 weeks)

- 4 different types of variants (light, medium, dark, brewer's choice)

How We Impact

Your daily cup makes a huge difference to the communities that grew this coffee.

From empowering farmers in South America to adopt enviornmentally friendly practices, to helping the first all-women co-op in Guatemala access healthcare, our mission hinges on one fundamental idea: when we care, happiness flows and everyone wins. Including you. 

To date, the JavaPresse family has helped 20+ coffee farmers chase a brighter future.

Man washing unprocessed yellow coffee beans