Coffee - Uganda - Quiet Storm

Coffee - Uganda - Quiet Storm

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The Name

The remote slopes of Mount Elgon don’t attract many visitors. The road is long, the rain makes traveling difficult, and the landscape from outside appears… uninspiring. But what so many skip, we discovered.

Quiet Storm is an invitation to explore the deep flavors of a forgotten region, a hidden landscape of coffee forests, and an overlooked nation. It’s a moment to savor the skill of coffee farmers that others will probably never know. It’s the chance to remember that incredible things sometimes come from misunderstood places—that sometimes awe-inspiring storms are quiet.

The Farm -Kyagalanyi Gibuzale

Tucked away on the remote lower slopes of Mount Elgon lies the Kyagalanyi Gibuzale coffee co-op and processing station. Kyagalanyi Gibuzale literally translates to “where farmers bring their cherries to sell”.

While the name lacks romance, the hidden landscape does not. Heavy rains often make accessing the station a challenge, but one that’s worth it. Once you reach the mountain, you are instantly met with a vibrant natural ecosystem, locals carrying on centuries-old traditions, and a breathtaking view of Uganda and Kenya you can’t find anywhere else.

The Coffee

The Kyagalanyi Gibuzale station’s remote location and humble size lead many coffee buyers to skip visiting it altogether. It’s a quiet, unassuming place. Thankfully, we didn’t pass over this hidden gem.

The station’s strict quality standards cause coffees from this area to be exceptional. This particular small-batch offering features a gentle date fruitiness, a rounded walnut flavor, and a deep honey-like sweetness that lingers and leaves you craving more.

The Region

Uganda is one of Africa’s smallest countries—about the size of the state of Oregon—and over 93% of its coffee is grown by 1.3 million small family-owned farms. It’s smaller size and lack of large coffee plantations cause it to be overlooked by many.

But despite the small size, Uganda is actually the 2nd largest coffee grower on the African continent and the 7th largest in the world. Despite the lack of plantations, Uganda’s coffee is among the highest scoring coffee on the continent. It just goes to show: sometimes stunning things come in modest packages.

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