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  • Ingredient Beans: Sidamo, Ethiopia & Chiapas Mexico
  • Tasting Notes: : Rich Chocolate, Molasses, Sweet Stonefruit

Take Wing with one of our most popular and versatile blends, expertly roasted to appeal to traditional coffee drinkers and coffee aficionados alike.

It was created as an espresso, but it shines in almost every brew method.

Ready to be brewed hot and under pressure, Take Wing serves the full spectrum of complimentary tasting notes of an absolute true espresso - but it goes much further than that. Luxuriously creamy with a delicious lingering aftertaste, it’s your inspiration that takes you places and keeps you going through the day. Transport yourself to new heights while staying grounded in the moment of smooth indulgence.

Blend Roasting

Roasting blends is an art of its own. You can’t simply throw two coffees together and expect it to taste great. It takes precise science to find two or more coffees that will roast at the same rate to produce something delicious.

We occasionally switch out the ingredients in this blend as we run out with very similar coffees from the same growing regions. This allows us to roast this blend year-round and keep the same flavor profile month-to-month that we love.

For Espresso Lovers

Though it’ll taste great when made with any brewer, the experts at our roasting facility in San Diego, California created this blend to thrive specifically as espresso. It has all the elements of a great shot: balance, acidity, and rich flavor.

Single origins can make for fascinating espresso, but they can be inconsistent and imbalanced, which is frustrating for newcomers to espresso. This blend of two carefully chosen beans features the perfect mixture of flavor balance and excitement.

Ethiopia + Mexico

What do you get when you pair the earthy and chocolatey notes of a Mexican coffee and the bright and sweet berry notes of one from Ethiopia? A blend that’s approachable to espresso newcomers, yet still fascinating to veterans.

Mexico beans are beloved for blends for deep low notes that lay the foundation for an espresso’s lighter notes. Ethiopian beans make great blend additions for their bright acidity and exotic flavors. Together, they create a rounded, yet fascinating flavor profile.

These incredible beans are exclusively reserved for coffee club members, and are currently not available to the general public. To be the first to experience this artfully roasted offering, please join our specialty coffee membership today.


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