Coffee - Nicaragua - Forever Young

Coffee - Nicaragua - Forever Young

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Pan-American Highway

The longest road in the world goes from Alaska to the southern tip of Chile, near Antarctica. Travel south through Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, and you end up in a dense pine forest at the border of Nicaragua. The elevation climbs as you drive into the highlands—and then you see them: coffee farms covering every hill your eyes can see.

It’s an idyllic scene, but you don’t need a transcontinental road trip to celebrate the things that matter to you in life. Every morning is a chance to infuse the good feels of an adventure abroad into a delicious, life-giving cup of coffee.

High-Grown Coffee

The mountains of Matagalpa are known for the long valleys, winding rivers, and the quartz-like sand—a dreamy place for coffee farming. This is where Forever Young was grown, nearly 4,000 feet above sea level.

Coffee grown at high altitudes tends to have more developed sugars (sweetness), a thinner body, and a more crisp and clean acidity (good tang). This coffee—rich with smooth milk chocolate, honey graham cracker, and juicy apricot flavors—is no exception.


Decades ago, Nicaragua was a well-known coffee producing country. Then disaster struck—actually, multiple disasters. Political upheaval, civil war, and a massive hurricane brought the nation’s coffee industry to a near-halt, and for a while, the world forgot about Nicaraguan coffee.

But Nicaragua is a country of enduring, passionate people—and they rebuilt. Though it produces less than 2% of the world’s coffee, Nicaragua has rebuilt itself into an even more respected grower of specialty-grade, organically grown coffees in the last 15 years.

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