Coffee - Columbia - Crimson Trail

Coffee - Columbia - Crimson Trail

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The Name

Inspired by Columbia’s lush rainforests, Crimson Trail represents unchartered territories that await your undertaking. In the far-off remote lands and paths that have never been stepped on, your dreams and passions live beneath the surface. With Crimson Trail, nothing is unreachable.

Each cup of this Colombian coffee sparks a flame within, and sets you off to blaze your own trail. Conquer the unexplored and create a new path that takes your life to beautiful views that you’ve never imagined. Crimson Trail represents the path you blaze for the passions you love every single day.

The Farm - Finca La Virgen De Oro

Rainforest and Bird Friendly Certified, this farm leads the way in eco-friendly coffee agriculture. The farmer, Jorge Mario, has received a variety of awards for his highly sought after and sustainable coffee.

Legend has it that the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared in Antioquia, Colombia and was so in awe of the area’s natural beauty that she stayed for days, rather than minutes. The farm, known for its beauty, now bears her name.

The Coffee

This coffee was wet milled with clean, water-saving technology and, unlike coffee from any other farm in Colombia, the beans are packed for shipping on the farm. It features a sweet strawberry note, which is complemented by a floral aroma and sweet pepper finish.

Because of the innovative green technology used to process this coffee, it has been awarded the Heritage Coffee Company’s Colombian Pride award, among other accolades.

The Region

Blanketed in rainforests, Colombia is home to a fascinating bird, the Crimson Topaz. This farm, like the Topiaz in the Amazon, isn’t afraid to explore - and this exquisite offering is a tasty reward from their pursuits.

Colombia grows arabica coffee, the tastier and less hardy genetic species, exclusively. The country’s producers had a downturn when “rust disease” destroyed many crops, but the trial inspired the development of new disease-resistant plant varieties that have been a major success.


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