featuring Rhythm Hill

  • Kayanza, Burundi
  • Tasting Notes: Peach, Butter Scotch, Creamy Body
  • Farmer: Long Mile Coffees (Carlson Family)
  • Cultivars: Heirloom Peaberry
  • Process: Parchment Dried
  • Elevation: 1960 MASL

Dynamic and bright, just as the tiny country of its origin Burundi, Rhythm Hill is your reminder to dance to the beat of your own drum.

Inspired by the tradition of Burundian drumming ceremonies, you can almost hear the beat and taste the vibrant culture in every cup of this rich coffee.

It’s as much about slowing down your favorite moments as it is about accelerating your life’s rhythm. It’s about going with the ebbs and flows, making the most out of the pulse of daily living. Slow down or speed up with a cup of Rhythm Hill.

Long Mile Coffees

Started by American Ben Carlson and his family, the Long Miles Coffee farm is nestled in the pristine hills of Kayanza, Burundi. In the local language, “Kayanza” means beautiful, but the vibrant colors and diverse landscapes of the area are difficult to describe in English.

The family’s farm evolved from a dream to encourage economic stability in their remote region through honest pay and supporting local dignity. That dream eventually resulted in the creation of two processing stations, expanding the economic impact to remote communities.


Peaches And Cream

This coffee was grown by a regional smallholder farmer and processed at one of the washing stations owned by Long Mile Coffees. The beans are peaberries, meaning that the plants only produced one coffee bean inside the coffee cherry, rather than the normal two, giving them an extra round shape.

The flavor profile features a peachy sweetness and flavor, a creamy body, and a butterscotch roundness that lingers even after the final sip. It’s just as complex and fascinating as the country and culture it comes from.


Most Burundian coffee producers are small-time and unable to access high-paying markets because of poor infrastructure. However, Long Mile Coffees is changing the game for local smallholders by providing them a platform to sell their crop at higher prices.

Despite only being grown in Burundi since the 1960’s, coffee from this country has earned the world’s respect for its complex and delicious flavor profile. This fame has attracted specialty buyers from around the world, which is bolstering the country’s struggling economy.

These incredible beans are exclusively reserved for coffee club members, and are currently not available to the general public. To be the first to experience this artfully roasted offering, please join our specialty coffee membership today.


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