Coffee - Burundi - Little Giant

Coffee - Burundi - Little Giant

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The Name

From the tiny country of Burundi, Little Giant tells the story of enormous hope that stems from the smallest places. It’s about a family that came to the impoverished nation of Burundi with a vision of giving back to a community that didn’t have much to give.

While the passion for coffee is what brought the Carlson family to Burundi, it’s really been about the people. Award-winning coffee is just a by-product of an ongoing effort from the Carlson family to transform rural communities with responsible wages and unyielding support. Their story represents the inspiring potential in all of us to help others see the giant within themselves.

The Farm - Long Mile Coffees

Started by the Carlsons, an American family with a big dream, the Long Miles Coffee farm is nestled in the hills of Kayanza, Burundi. The farm holds a rare export license and is using it to bring economic sustainability and dignity to their region.

The Carlsons use their license to give local smallholder coffee farmers a chance to sell their crops to high-paying buyers who wouldn’t be able to find them otherwise. This is slowly resulting in healthy wages, families that have their needs met, and a thriving community.

The Coffee

Processed at Long Mile Coffees’ own Heza washing station, this velvety coffee has a stone fruit flavor and sweetness that turns into a spicy aroma and satisfying finish. This coffee placed #8 in the nation’s 2015 Cup of Excellence competition.

This Heza washing station is Long Mile Coffees’ second, bringing their vision of farm sustainability to a whole new - and far more remote - community. This is the first station to process coffee cherries using the “honey method” in Burundi.

The Region

Recovering from years of civil war and economic struggle, Burundian coffee farmers have just recently begun selling their crops to specialty buyers. Coffee production now makes up 80% of Burundi’s export revenue and the country is seeing steady economic growth as a result.

Believe it or not, coffee has only been grown in Burundi since the 1960’s, when it was considered a Belgian colony. Despite the short history of Burundian coffee, the country has already earned respect around the world for its complex and tasty results.

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