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  • Bella Vista, Chiapas Mexico
  • Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Lime Peel, Cashew
  • Farmer: Jose Maria De Oliveria
  • Cultivars: Red Catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Elevation: 1000-1200 MASL

Spend the day on Easy Street.

With a dizzying blaze of color and music swirls in every sip, Easy Street is your invitation to experience intoxicating joy and feel forever young. Brazil’s exuberant culture is the essence behind this delicious coffee, where you can reclaim lost youth and be the daredevil you’ve always wanted to be.

It’s about enjoying the small things in life, living spontaneously and with no regrets. Capture the vibrancy and richness of each moment with a stroll down Easy Street.

Fazenda Santa Luiza

Ran by 3rd generation coffee farmer, Jose Maria De Oliveria, and his family, this farm is Rainforest Alliance Certified and sustainability-forward. The farm sits in a transition area between Brazil’s Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado savanna that’s 1,000-1,200 meters above sea level.

With a large area for growing crops, ideal weather year-round, and decades of experience, over 80% of the family’s crop is considered specialty grade each year.

Limey Brazilian

This coffee underwent the natural processing method, which means it was hand picked and dried on patios for 30 days. This method resulted in the coffee’s dark chocolate and mild cashew flavor notes, crisp lime acidity, and unmistakable big juicy body.

The beans were harvested from plants of the Red Catuai variety, which are beloved in Brazil for their ability to grow in densely-packed fields, their high yields as young plants, and rich, ripe flavor.


Brazil has an estimated 290,000 coffee growers, produces 30% of the world’s coffee supply, and may soon pass the USA as the #1 coffee consuming nation. It’s the #1 coffee producing and exporting country in the world. Coffees from here often have a characteristically low acidity and a heavy, pleasant body.

Brazil is the origin of many new coffee plant varieties. Some come from natural mutations, while others were cultivated to better fit the climate, such as the caturra, maragogype, and mundo novo varieties.

These incredible beans are exclusively reserved for coffee club members, and are currently not available to the general public. To be the first to experience this artfully roasted offering, please join our specialty coffee membership today.


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