Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend
Brewer's Choice Blend

Brewer's Choice Blend

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Fresh Start – Peru

Claim your wins and shake off the losses. There’s never been a better day to re-imagine your journey. We’ll say the same tomorrow. Fresh Start is a stunning reminder that the sun always rises, and it’s always a new day. Where will you go next?

Tastes Like

Toffee, Nectarine, White Flowers

Meet the farmers

Young and Fierce

Coffee farming is often a generational affair, with farming families passing down their land and work to their children over and over again. But that doesn’t mean these old farms are stuck in the old ways. For members of the Rutas Del Incas Cooperative in northern Peru, it means anything but.

The young co-op started only in 2013—a relatively new group of farmers old and young in the  Cajamarca region. The co-op’s mission was to share resources across local growers (typically small family farmers), spread sustainable agriculture education, and elevate coffee quality. And they certainly succeeded.

You’ll have to taste this coffee to believe it: Delicate notes of flowers, honeysuckle, brown sugar. Rich sweet fruity notes like nectarine, peach, and pear. And it’s all topped off with a lingering confectioner’s sugar and floral aftertaste.

The 33 founding members of Rutas Del Incas quickly saw their coffee crops increase in quality and earned both Certified Organic and Fair Trade certifications, which meant they were able to generate higher wages. Seeing the cooperative’s success, other nearby growers joined—over 200 of them! 

Rutas Del Incas is proof that you’re never too old, too established, or too stuck to turn things around and try a new direction. The journey ahead is wide open.

origin country


If you were asked to name the biggest coffee producing countries in the world, would Peru come to mind? For most coffee lovers, that’s a big nope. But this titan of the coffee industry comes in as the 5th largest arabica coffee producer in the world.

Peruvian coffees grown in the high Andes mountains are beloved for their complex fruity and floral flavors and light undertones. These aren’t your typical beans—they’re among the most delicious and nuanced in the world.

We’re proud to support local cooperatives that are helping small family-owned farms get their truly amazing beans into your mug.


We roast and ship coffee to order Monday through Friday, and orders placed before 12 pm EST will ship that same day! 

JavaPresse never holds inventory in a warehouse. Our beans are always roasted and shipped within two hours to ensure that when your beans arrive, they're as fresh and flavorful as they could possibly be. 

Standard coffee bag size: 12 ounces / 340 grams

How We Impact

Your daily cup makes a huge difference to the communities that grew this coffee.

From empowering farmers in Colombia to convert cocaine farms into coffee farms, to helping the first all-women co-op in Guatemala access healthcare, our mission hinges on one fundamental idea: when we care, happiness flows and everyone wins. Including you. 

To date, the JavaPresse family has helped 20+ coffee farmers chase a brighter future.

Man washing unprocessed yellow coffee beans