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I find that YOUR coffee makes me happier, YOUR grinder makes me blissful, and Your communicating makes me appreciative. I know where my money goes! Love you all! God bless and lots of positive energy your way! A very satisfied customer.
- Lydia Krohmer

  • 1 12 SHIPMENTS of coffee get one bag of JavaPresse beans at your delivery preference)
  • 2A guarantee that you’ll have all the best coffee first (you are a VIP after all!)
  • 3A JavaPresse pour over brewer (ideal for travels or for brewing one cup at a time)
  • 4A JavaPresse French press (the perfect vessel to brew your brew)
  • 5A JavaPresse manual coffee grinder (it’s a coffee essential and this one’s a best-seller)
  • 6Raj’s personal morning routine guide ( (the ultimate guide to the perfect morning)
  • 7A virtual coffee with Raj ( (because we love getting to know VIPs better)
  • 8Morning meditations (to help kick-start your day the right way)
  • 9PLUS some cool, exclusive swag that money can’t buy

Bought separately, this bundle of caffeinated treats is
worth $582 (and that doesn’t include the items money can’t buy).

But upgrade to the Stay Grounded Membership and you’ll
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II received my first of many shipments today and let me tell you that I was certainly not only impressed but amazed at how you live up to exactly what you promise. It was and is a true coffee ‘experience’
- John Brown

We’re the people dedicated to transforming your favorite coffee ritual into an extraordinary daily experience

Your JavaPresse coffee is a gateway to so much more than the perfect start to your day.

Lovingly cared for all the way from seed to your front door, this is coffee that fuels smiles, magical moments, and deep connection.

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So after my first delivery of coffee from my subscription I am beyond satisfied with the experience! The coffee is some of the freshest I have had, by far the freshest I’ve had Stateside! And the quality of the coffee is incredible! vAfter purchasing my burr grinder from JavaPresse some months ago I was shocked at the amount of care that comes from the company towards clients! I had expected the normal amount of satisfaction guaranteed service that is normally offered by companies, but I have never felt that a company really cared about the level of service they provide as much as JavaPresse does!! So not only do you get amazing products, incredible coffee, great service, and wisdom and insight (coffee and life related), but it all is wonderfully priced!!!"

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