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Each month, we source a new small-batch, all natural, organically grown coffee from the world’s most celebrated family-owned farms.

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We spend 365 days a year traveling the world looking for it's most delicious secrets. Each shipment contains one 12 ounce bag of the month’s featured microlot coffee.

November’s Coffee

Extra Mile

Inspired by the possibilities of each new day, Extra Mile represents the best in all of us. Bold, approachable, and instantly comforting, it’s a coffee you’ll love made from coffees we love, alluding to the power in all of us to create the lives we love every single day.

Regions: Sidama, Ethiopia & Chiapas, Mexico

Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Rich Mouthfeel, Stonefruit

Recent Coffee

Kindred Spirits

Bright, deeply flavored, and mantled by a rich cane sugar sweetness, this stand-out Mexican coffee is just as colorful and exciting as the culture it comes from. But it’s more than a mere pleasant brew—it’s your chance to sense the passion, community, nature, and spirit of Mexico poured into every bean.

Farmer: Mayan Harvest (collective mill)

Tasting Notes: Cane Sugar, Grape, Lemon, Floral

Recent Coffee

Stepping Stone

Rising from the ashes of decades of oppression and struggle, this standout Ethiopian coffee isn’t just delicious—it’s the manifestation of a persecuted people stepping up and reclaiming their pride and story.

Farmer: Ethiopia Wotona Bultuma FTO

Tasting Notes: Honey, pink grapefruit, jasmine, cinnamon finish

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