As a THANK YOU to all the First Responders and Hospital Staff,
we are donating one bag of coffee for every bag purchased.
❤️You Buy 1, We GIVE 1.❤️

As a THANK YOU to all the First Responders and Hospital Staff,
we are donating one bag of coffee for every bag purchased.
❤️You Buy 1, We GIVE 1.❤️

Choose Your Coffee:


Light and complex, Extra Mile infuses energy into your day with rich chocolate, citrus, and tropical fruit tasting notes.

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Ripe with stunning notes of candied nuts, citrus, and chocolate, Happy Place invites you to a refreshing moment that’s just for you.

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Featuring a caramelized sweetness, classic aromas, and a smooth chocolate flavor, Power Hour is your daily mug of go-get-em energy.

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Once you purchase your coffee, we'll match the amount of bags you purchased and donate to hospital staff and first responders.

To the Hospital Staff & First Responders...

Sending you coffee is our small way to say THANK YOU for all that you do and for being on the frontline of this global pandemic. Working around the clock with minimal time to spend with your loved ones and risking your health daily, we just want to show our gratitude with our high-quality, organically grown, and sustainably-farmed JavaPresse coffee.

Each time a coffee bag is purchased on, we will match that and donate one bag of coffee. Let's give back to the first responders who are saving lives. While you take you first sip of happiness in the morning, know that you are serving someone else a cup of coffee as well.

❤️You Buy 1, We GIVE 1.❤️

Giving Back Makes the World a Better Place.

Hi, I'm Raj Jana, Founder and Owner of JavaPresse.

Here at JavaPresse we are grateful for so much. And to show our gratitude, we want to give back. We want to give you an opportunity to have a “moment” too. And that’s why we are donating a bag of coffee for every bag you purchase.

We know that to cut through all of the noise out there and make an impact we have to give back.

And the best way we can do that for now is to give as much as we possibly can.
The truth is I don’t know how long we will be able to support this level of giving but as long as you are reading this message, we are still donating.

Thank you for your support, and stay safe.

You Buy 1, We Give 1.

In addition to donating a bag of coffee for each one purchased, we are also making a bulk donation to account for all our coffee club members.


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So unleash the happiness.

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