Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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Throughout the course of history, the love of coffee has always inspired crusaders to innovate creative ways to brew their favorite beans. The Coffee Percolator in 1818, the Espresso Machine in 1901, and the Pour Over Coffee Dripper by JavaPresse Coffee Company in 2016.

Engineered with double-walled ultra-fine stainless steel mesh, our pour over coffee maker was specifically designed to break the shackles of paper filters and deliver mind blowing coffee in 2-3 minutes, from anywhere in the world. We know, we’re excited about it too.
  • Built with reusable stainless steel mesh that allows for optimal flavor extraction and eliminates paper filters for good.
  • Unique angle cone design allows you to get a fresh cup in 2-3 minutes. Imagine having delicious, hand-brewed coffee quicker than the time it takes to brush your teeth.
  • Conveniently sized to serve up to 2 people at once, enabling you to be efficient with your brews.
  • Dishwasher safe and cleans up in less than 30 seconds. This filter was designed to complement your life.

    How We Impact

    Your daily cup makes a huge difference to the communities that grew this coffee.

    From empowering farmers in South America to adopt enviornmentally friendly practices, to helping the first all-women co-op in Guatemala access healthcare, our mission hinges on one fundamental idea: when we care, happiness flows and everyone wins. Including you. 

    To date, the JavaPresse family has helped 20+ coffee farmers chase a brighter future.

    Man washing unprocessed yellow coffee beans