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The Stay Grounded podcast

Hosted by Raj Jana

Raj Jana is the Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Co. and passionate host of the Stay Grounded Podcast

The Stay Grounded Podcast brings on people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all harmoniously into daily life.

Your host, Raj Jana, dissects and turns different routines, mindsets, and personal experiences into powerful insights that empower listeners to stay grounded through day-to-day life and make daily happiness/fulfillment a reality for themselves.

Listen to the latest Stay Grounded podcast

EP 26: Sammy Taggett AKA ShoeBox Moses - The Boy Who Was Thrown Away

SB Moses was found in a shoebox in a dumpster in the Philippines.

Thrown away as a baby, SB Moses didn’t get a birth family, but he did learn to create a future for himself.

He thanks music for saving his life and as a professional party instigator, SB Moses amplified the vibe for the likes of Virgin Galactic, Google, and Cirque Du Soleil. LISTEN NOW

EP 25: Karen Briscoe
5 Minute Success

Can you really achieve success in just 5 minutes?

This episode’s guest believes so. If success is the result of habits practiced consistently, commit to the right actions for 5 minutes a day and you can see massive results.

Karen Briscoe honed these skills in her hugely successful real estate business, but it was an epiphany moment that inspired her to consolidate her practices into a formula that other people could follow.

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EP 24: Rhonda Britten
The Path To Fearless Living

This episode’s guest is an absolute rockstar who’s dedicated her life to teaching people how to master fear.

It’s the incredible Rhonda Britten - master life coach, creator of the Fearless Living Institute, and an Emmy-Award winner. She’s also appeared on Oprah not once, but twice!

After a horrific experience at the age of 14, Rhonda spent the next 20 years of her life battling with fear in all its guises. From self-doubt, blame, and addiction, Rhonda struggled to work out life - until she decided to challenge her beliefs about who she thought she was.

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EP 23: Matt Aitchison
Data Driven Self Development

My guest today has flipped over 150 houses in the last six years. He’s Matt Aitchison, creator of and an individual who has a unique and inspiring approach to happiness.

Matt’s goal is to be a millionaire in ALL areas of his life. Passionate about showing up as his ‘organic self’ consistently in all 8 of his ‘life gardens’, Matt’s attention to detail and ‘small bet’ testing mentality is an inspiration.

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EP 22: Dana Malstaff
Pursue Your Passion. Include Your Kids.

This podcast episode is one of my favorite yet.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVED interviewing ‘Dana Banana’ - a Boss Mom herself and founder of the incredible Boss Mom community that’s helped over 50,000 women in the last 2.5 years.

Like me, Dana comes from a corporate background.

But everything changed when she realized that it wasn’t her job she was in love with - but her thirst for accomplishment.

This insight inspired her to quit her six-figure (plus) salary to become an entrepreneur - at the same time as having her first child!

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EP 21: Frost Fassett
365 Days. 365 Communities. 365 Conversations.

This episode’s guest uses Facebook for a very different reason than most.

Instead of getting lost in the timeline, Frost Fassett scrolled through the 100 plus events in his local area to pinpoint ONE to attend.

Then he did this EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year.

That’s 365 events in 365 different communities so he could have ONE profound conversation and learn something new every single day in 2017. Read more

EP 20: Carey Smolensky
Living Life Passionately

“A lot of the times you need to do what you need to do before you can choose to do what you want to do.”

Today’s podcast guest is Carey Smolensky, author of Living Life with PASSION and Helping Others.

Carey is a dynamic businessman, event producer, and multi-faceted entertainer who’s been in the business since high school and I’m super pumped to interview him to learn more about his drives, his passions, and his perspective on life.

Carey is an incredible human with a huge appetite for life. Never settling with a commitment to constantly evolve everything in his life, Carey’s hunger and passion rubs off on you.

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